"duca di martina" restaurant


"duca di martina" restaurant


"duca di martina" restaurant

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Typical Apulian restaurant

The park, the stars, our culinary high-class proposals all together make Villa San Martino’s dining services a reason of pride for both the Italian and the foreign Guests we host.

The cuisine offered by the restaurant of Villa San Martino is typical of our tradition but marked by the fine and personal intervention of the Chef, made possible every day thanks to the use of fresh and genuine ingredients.

Our Menu

Let the taste experience begin

Local cold cuts, “Capocollo” Ham from Martina Franca, cheeses with “burrata” cheese and traditional vegetables under oil.

Potato Cream, steamy Rice Quenelle and cuttlefish ink tempura Local Mussels.

Apulean Frybread with “Strong” Ricotta cheese, “Capocollo” Ham from Martina Franca and Cooked wine drops.

SlowFood® Violet Prawn from Gallipoli Tartare with Burrata Cheese, Pollen, anchovy drippings and smoked celery-flavoured salt.

… Our pasta specialities…

Cuttlefish ink spaghetti with Scorpion Fish sauce and lime & saffron essence.

“Fricelli” fresh pasta made with SlowFood® “Senatore Cappelli” flour, Capocollo Ham from Martina Franca, Caramelized Red Onion From Acquaviva and Km0 Hay cheese gratin.

Burrata Cheese raviolo pasta with Sun-dried Tomato Pesto and “Frisa” Bisquit’s crumble.

Apulean Gaspacho with croutons, onion, sweet sun-dried Capsicum and “Stracciatella” Cheese.

… Main dish experience…

Oil poached Cod sous vide, fava bean and wild chicory marbled cream with “Mediterrean Style” crumble.

Slow Cooked sous vide Veal Roll filled with Drunken “Caciocavallo” Cheese, traditional smashed potato and sundried tomato.

SlowFood® “Podolico” beef medallion with “tarallo” salted biscuit crumble, “Negroamaro” wine Butter and Smoked Carrot Cream.

Catch of the day with seasonal side.

Australian beef entrecôte with seasonal side.

… closing with “sweets”!!!

Traditional “Bocconotto from Martina Franca” layer stuffed tart with custard cream, “Fabbri®” Sour cherry and artisanal vanilla ice cream.

“Zuccotto” sponge cake & artisanal vanilla ice cream Sandwich soaked with “San Marzano Borsci®” herbal Liquor.

SlowFood® Toritto’s Almond Creme brûlée with cocoa & “Quarta®” coffee roasted in Lecce cold sauce.

Sweet “Caprese” with Basil Granita, foamy “Burrata” cheese, SlowFood® “Regina” Tomato Ice Cream and Bread chips.

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