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The city of the hundred districts

The beautiful Monopoli overlooks the Adriatic Sea and is introduced by the castle and its ancient walls. The city is known for its 99 districts, called “contrada”, which extend on a flat area, embraced by the splendid Loggia del Pilato’s “belvedere”, a natural terrace to admire an authentic landscape made of fortified masserie, churches, rocky settlements and villas. Symbol of the city is the monumental Castel dedicated to Carlo V, which hosts expositions, conferences and today is site of the municipal Archeological Museum. The fortified masserie are well preserved or they were restored with care; they are located in the heart of the marine landscape, in the area of the low hills and in the flat hinterland. Monopoli is also a hamlet for fishermen; it was founded on the seaside and presents a 15km coastline which is low and indented, characterize by numerous coves and long sandy beaches. Special celebrations for the city are dedicated to St. Cosma and Damiano, and to the memory of the landing of the raft with the icon of Madonna della Madia.

  • Botanical garden Lama degli Ulivi, with its caves, rocky churches and 2000 vegetal species.
  • Cathedral of Santa Maria della Madia
  • San Francesco of Assisi’s church
  • Santa Maria degli Amalfitani’s church
  • Fortifed masserie

Distance from Martina Franca: 36km – 30 minutes

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